Located on a 12.5 acre parcel of land, these four separate underground reinforced concrete structures were originally designed and built as fallout shelters for 180+ people. With backup power, fresh well water and gravity fed septic systems they offer a unique investment opportunity. Generate investment income by renting or leasing space while enjoying the benefits of the earth homes for the safety of your family and friends.

General Information on Shelters:

  • Structures: Reinforced Concrete Domes will Last Indefinitely

  • Entrance: Walk-into Hill (No Crawling or Climbing Down In)

  • Earth Bermed: Buildings Do Not Freeze even without Heat (constant 55°+)

  • Air: Central Air Ventilation System with Radiation Filters

  • Water: Artesian Well Water System, 8,000 Gallon Holding Tank currently in use

  • Power: Park Electric Power / Backup Propane Generators / Main Generators

  • Septic System: Approved and Installed to Specs, Gravity Fed

  • Perfect vacation home rental property for hunting groups and tourists

One larger shelter approximately 6,500 s.f.:

  • Accommodates 90+ People Comfortably

  • Semi-Private Bedrooms

  • 11 Toilets, 7 Showers, 15 sinks

  • 1 Washer, 2 Clothes Dryers

  • 2 Alcohol Cook Stoves/Ovens

  • Over 300 ft. Long Underground

  • Emergency Lighting

  • 2 Floor Levels in Main Living Space

3 smaller shelters approximately 2,500 s.f. each:

  • Bedrooms: Some Larger Rooms, Some Smaller; many Bunk Rooms

  • Bathrooms: 3 Baths each with Toilet, Sink & One-Piece Shower Units

  • Kitchens vary: White Cabinets, Tile Counters Tops, Stainless Sinks

  • Appliances vary: Refrigerators, Gas & Electric Stoves

  • Plumbing: PVC Drain Pipes, PVC Water Piping, Standard Plumbing Fixtures

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